Features of NDIR Carbon Monoxide Tester

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It can be detected with a carbon monoxide tester. Carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) is a carbon-oxygen compound with a chemical formula of CO and a molecular weight of 28.0101. Under normal conditions, it is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. In terms of physical properties, carbon monoxide has a melting point of -205°C and a boiling point of -191.5°C. It is hardly soluble in water (the solubility in water at 20°C is 0.002838g[1]), and it is not easy to liquefy and solidify. In terms of chemical properties, carbon monoxide has both reducing and oxidizing properties.

It can carry out oxidation (combustion reaction) and disproportionation reaction. It is also poisonous. When the concentration is higher, it can cause different degrees of poisoning symptoms. And even death due to electric shock to human brain. Heart, liver, kidney, lung and other tissues. The minimum lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000 ppm (5 minutes). Industrially, carbon monoxide is the basis of one-carbon chemistry, and can be prepared by pyro-oxygen methods and other methods. It is mainly used for the production of methanol and phosgene and organic synthesis.

NDIR Carbon Monoxide Tester

The JX-CO-103 series is a carbon monoxide tester that uses non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) to measure carbon monoxide.

After the infrared radiation emitted by the infrared light source is absorbed by the gas to be measured at a certain concentration. He spectral intensity proportional to the gas concentration will change. Therefore. The change in the spectral light intensity can be used to inverse the concentration of the gas to be measured. The infrared carbon monoxide sensor module adopts the principle of NDIR infrared absorption detection. And combines advanced optical circuits, precision circuits and intelligent software to form a universal infrared CO sensor module.

This product uses imported MEMS infrared light source and dual-channel pyroelectric detector to process measurement and reference signals. And perform temperature compensation. Even under harsh temperature and environmental conditions, stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained. It has the characteristics of good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence. And long life that are unique to NDIR products.

JX-CO-103 series products are made of aluminum alloy polishing process and production. This product can be widely used in coal mine gas detection, oil and gas detection. Chemical gas production and air detection process monitoring, and can be installed in chemical, coal, oil fields, intelligent buildings, sound and light alarm controllers, robots, automobiles and other applications.

NDIR Carbon Monoxide Tester
NDIR Carbon Monoxide Tester