How to use the 4 gas detector

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 06 2021

The 4 gas detector can detect the concentration of multiple gases at the same time. It is very flexible and convenient to use.

1.Timely calibration and testing

No matter what the instrument is, it should be carefully checked and calibrated before use. This is especially true for toxic gas detectors. If you do not perform timely calibration and testing before use, the accuracy of the instrument itself may deviate. In this case, if firefighters enter the place where the toxic gas is leaking, it may cause serious casualties, and the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, it is very necessary to perform timely calibration and detection before the gas detector is used.

2.Pay attention to the concentration measurement range of the detection instrument

The gas detector has its fixed detection range. Only when the measurement is completed within its measurement range can the instrument accurately perform the measurement. However, measuring beyond the measuring range for a long time may cause damage to the sensor. For example, a toxic gas detector may cause damage to the sensor if it works for a long time in a high-concentration toxic gas environment. Therefore, if an over-limit signal is issued when a fixed instrument is in use, the instrument must be shut down immediately. Ventilate and evacuate poisonous gas on site to ensure the safety of the sensor.

3.Pay attention to the use environment of the testing equipment

Avoid electromagnetic interference during the use of the toxic gas detector. Errors will also occur if there is electromagnetic interference during use. In addition, the temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction of the site. Whether there is dust, whether it is corrosive, whether there is other gas interference, etc. will also affect the detection effect of the toxic gas detector.

4.Pay attention to the maintenance of the detector

Do not place or hang objects on the gas detector. The installed gas detector cannot move the position of the device at will. When purchasing, try to choose products with replaceable sensor probes to facilitate maintenance and replacement later.