The role of electrochemical NO2 sensor in environmental monitoring

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Gas detector meter-NO2 gas is a gaseous pollutant with a brownish-red color, also known as nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen dioxide gas is one of the common air pollutants. It is difficult in many waste gas treatments. It is also one of the main culprits of air pollution. If there is no timely and effective treatment and purification. It will not only affect the health of the operators, but also cause great harm to the interior and surrounding environment of the factory. Therefore, electrochemical NO2 sensors play a very important role in environmental monitoring and our daily lives.

According to the purification principle, the methods for treating nitrogen dioxide exhaust gas can be divided into three categories: catalytic reduction method, absorption method and adsorption method.Catalytic reduction method.

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Its main principle is to reduce NOx in exhaust gas to N2 under high temperature in the presence of a catalyst. Due to the high reaction temperature, catalysts are needed, equipment investment is large, and operating costs are high.

Adsorption method

Adsorbents and adsorbents are mainly used to adsorb NOx in exhaust gas. Due to the small adsorption capacity. This method is only suitable for the treatment of waste gas with low NOx concentration and small gas volume.

Absorption method

Use water or an aqueous solution of acid, alkali, or salt to absorb nitrogen and oxygen compounds in the exhaust gas to purify the exhaust gas. This method requires less investment in equipment and lower operating costs.

Gas detector meter-The above three nitrogen dioxide tail gas treatment methods have been used for many years. Now, with the improvement of environmental protection standards. It is indeed necessary to combine several equipment for purification treatment in order to achieve good results.

There are a lot of gas components in industrial waste gas. When monitoring various gases in complex gases, you can choose to use detection instruments that can simultaneously monitor various gases, or install corresponding gas sensors, such as electrochemical NO2 sensors.

Electrochemical NO2 sensor can be used for gas concentration detection and concentration exceeding alarm. The real-time concentration value and standard signal output can be displayed on site. It has the characteristics of stable signal, high sensitivity and high precision, and is suitable for various harsh working environments.