The increasingly important Freon leak detector

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Freon is a common refrigerant. When Freon is discharged into the atmosphere, it will cause a decrease in ozone content. Causing severe ultraviolet damage to life on the earth, and rising temperatures in the lower stratosphere and troposphere. Emission of Freon into the atmosphere will cause the ozone content to decrease. Ozone is a light blue gas with strong oxidizing properties. Ozone has a strong absorbing effect on solar ultraviolet radiation. It can absorb 99% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth. So that the creatures on the earth are protected from the strong ultraviolet radiation. The strong ultraviolet radiation has enough energy to make the DNA including DNA. The decomposition of important biomolecules increases the incidence of skin cancer. Cataracts and immunodeficiency, and can harm crops and aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, the detection of freon is urgent. What freon leak detector are available?

Introduction of Freon Leak Detector

The portable Freon detector uses a digital tube backlight display. Which can display the readings in real time, and the readings can be clearly read under low light conditions. At the same time, the natural diffusion method is used to detect gas. The detection circuit designed by the digital chip of an international manufacturer can achieve very high Sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The shell is made of industrial-specific high-strength composite plastic. Which has high strength and good hand feeling, and has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof.

With real-time display readings, rapid detection of leaks; sound and light dual alarms, the detection value reaches the alarm value, triggering sound and light alarms; point-to-point detection, accurate detection of the location of the leak; lengthened flexible probes and bendable serpentine tubes make detection more convenient; The 3-inch TN LCD display has various features such as backlight and clear reading under low light. This detector is widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, agriculture, experiment, surveying and other industries.

Explosion-proof freon gas alarm and freon electrochemical module

The explosion-proof Freon sensor is specially developed for some harsh environments. Cast aluminum explosion-proof housing, the probe is placed in a special metal probe compartment. And the electrical part is isolated from the probe. The product adopts high-sensitivity gas detection probe, with stable signal, high precision, fast response and long life. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance. Note that the sensor is used for air detection. And the customer should test in the application environment to ensure that the sensor meets the requirements.

Freon electrochemical sensors are equipped with high-precision amplification, noise removal processing, and temperature compensation processing. Patented variable gain amplifier circuit, high sensitivity, high resolution; factory calibrated, no need for secondary calibration, direct use; small size, easy to install, intrinsically safe design; support a variety of interfaces including digital and analog Features.

In addition, there are a variety of testing equipment such as wall-mounted freon sensors, freon electrochemical probes. Split freon sensors, etc., which can be purchased quickly.

freon leak detector
freon leak detector