Electrochemical ethylene oxide sensor can be used for ethylene oxide treatment

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Gas detector industrial-Ethylene oxide is a flammable, explosive, volatile and toxic gas. It is often used in the field of medical device disinfection applications. If it is discharged and treated improperly. It may seriously harm human health. Pollute the atmosphere, and endanger fire safety. Resulting in many problems that endanger the safety environment. Therefore, detecting the concentration of ethylene oxide gas has become a very critical measure. The use of Jingxuntong electrochemical ethylene oxide sensor can continuously monitor online for 24 hours, link alarms. And retain historical data.

The harm of ethylene oxide to human health

If the human body is suddenly exposed to an environment containing ethylene oxide, the nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system of the human body will be affected to varying degrees; if the human body is exposed to an environment containing ethylene oxide for a long time. It may even induce tumors and poison the reproductive system. At present, as a carcinogen and a reproductive system hazard. Ring net ethane has been listed as a substance harmful to human occupational health by various countries and regions.

co2 sensor
co2 sensor
The harm of ethylene oxide to the atmosphere

The chemical nature of the ring network ethane is active and can be converted twice in the daily environment. Its photochemical reaction is one of the important factors that cause urban photochemical smog. It also causes secondary pollution and is also an important factor in causing haze. One of the culprits. Due to its high toxicity and secondary pollution to the environment. Ethylene oxide has been included in the list of toxic and hazardous volatile organic compounds for air pollution control in most countries and regions.

Detection of ethylene oxide

Gas detector industrial-The Jingxun Changtong electrochemical ethylene oxide sensor can be used. Which has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high accuracy, good linearity, good versatility, easy use, easy installation, long transmission distance, and high cost performance.