What are the characteristics of the portable gas detector?

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Introduction of Portable Gas Detector

Jingxun Changtong’s JXBS-4001 series portable gas detector adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international gas-sensing detection technology to design a brand new intelligent gas detector. The development of portable gas detectors allows the leakage process to be discovered at an early stage. It is widely used in industrial safety monitoring, indoor air quality testing, hazardous substance testing, and environmental protection monitoring. Aiming at the key links in the process of disaster incubation, occurrence and development, disrupting the chain development chain is an important link in the technical system of safety accident prevention and control. JXBS-4001 uses a large-size full-color LCD display to display real-time readings. For the probe, a well-known brand manufacturer in the industry is selected. Relying on years of gas transmitter research and development experience, it uses a mature, stable and long-life probe solution. The detection circuit designed with the digital chip of a major international factory can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability.

Features introduction
  1. The 4G version of the portable gas detector can remotely monitor data, and upload alarm records to the cloud platform in real time, so you can rest assured.
  2. The product adopts high-sensitivity electrochemical probes and catalytic probes. The electrochemical sensor is operated by reacting with the analyte and generating electrical signals. The reaction is sensitive and the measurement is more accurate.
  3. Multiple alarm modes, more sensitive response. The equipment adopts three alarm modes: buzzer alarm, light alarm and indicator red.
  4. Rechargeable lithium battery, long-lasting battery life. 30000mAh large-capacity battery, usb can be used and charged.
  5. Large capacity storage. The device can store 200,000 pieces of data.
  6. High-definition IPS color large screen, 320*240 resolution intuitive display, gas separation is more conspicuous.
  7. One-click data export is more convenient. The gas concentration is displayed in real time, and the data changes are clear at a glance.
  8. The principle of human body mechanics and the details are carved to make you have a better sense of use.
Portable gas detector
Portable gas detector