Precautions for methane sensor installation

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The methane sensor is an instrument used to detect the concentration of methane gas in the air.When methane gas leaks in the environment and the gas sensor detects that the gas concentration reaches the critical point set by the explosion or poisoning alarm, the alarm will send out an alarm signal to remind the work to take safety measures, and drive the exhaust, cut off, and spray system , To prevent explosion, fire, and poisoning accidents.

Methane gas detection and alarm system functions:

(1) Real-time monitoring of the methane gas and toxic gas content near the underground pipe gallery of the control room. And real-time alarm when it reaches a certain concentration.

(2) Real-time view on-site conditions through the host computer system monitoring center.

(3) The above monitoring data are recorded in the monitoring center in real time. And the data is unified and centralized management.

(4) It can also send out alarm information through various methods such as sound and light alarm. SMS alarm, LED screen display, etc., to inform the person responsible for maintenance and management in time.

(5) Automatic classification and sorting of historical data.

(6) The management software provides event query, alarm configuration and query, and environment parameter browsing.

The correct installation method of :

Within 1.5 meters of air source radius, well ventilated place:

(1) Natural gas, city gas, carbon monoxide, and smog are lighter than air. If detecting natural gas, city gas. Carbon monoxide, and smog. It is recommended to install them at a distance of about 0.3 meters from the ceiling.

(2) Liquefied gas is heavier than air and installed at a distance of about 0.3 meters from the ground. If detecting liquefied gas, carbon monoxide, smoke, because carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas. And a small amount can poison people or even death. It is recommended to install 1.4 to 1.7 meters above the ground.

Methane sensor
Methane sensor