Gas monitor operation requirements

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The gas monitor solves the problem of people's perception of dangerous gases. Guarantee personal and property safety.

The gas monitor has the characteristics of convenient carrying, flexible use, and online detection. It has important applications in agriculture, chemical industry, construction, fire protection, natural gas and other industries. Mainly used for testing equipment. Four types of gases: oxygen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and combustible gas. Let's give you a general introduction to the operating requirements of using a multi-gas detector.

Requirements for using gas monitors

Request one:

Place the gas monitor probe in the environment to be measured. When the measured gas leaks, the concentration value display becomes larger. When the alarm setting value is exceeded, the alarm indicator light will light up and an alarm will sound.

Request two:

At the entrance of the workplace, a reliable position should be chosen to hang the high-alarm sign. Other personnel are not allowed to flop. At the same time, avoid being affected by other reasons.

Requirement three:

Before entering the work area, it is necessary to confirm the safety. After confirming that there is no safety hazard, it is allowed to enter the working surface. After the gas monitor alarms, the working face should be removed in time. The inspector shall write the results of the on-site inspection on the inspection sheet. And take full responsibility for the accuracy of the test data.

Request four:

The power of the four-in-one gas detector is low. It means that the battery is almost dead. You should turn off the power in time and charge the battery with a charger for 10-14 hours each time. After the inspection, confirm whether the high-level warning sign is turned out according to the regulations. Workers should see green before entering the construction site. Supervise and inspect the work of inspectors to ensure the effective implementation of these regulations.

Request five:

The detection personnel of the gas detector shall keep two or more persons during the detection process. One person operates and one person supervises. Keep a certain distance before and after. Don't do it alone. The use of multi-gas detectors should meet the testing requirements. Strictly follow the testing procedures, testing methods and control standards. Do a good job in gas detection.

Request six:

Charging method: Plug the charger into an AC220V power socket. Insert the charging plug into the charging socket of the detector. Turn on the power switch of the multi-gas detector to charge the detector. The green work light is on and the battery light is flashing.. After charging, turn it off Power switch, unplug the charger.

gas monitor
gas monitor

The design changes of some gas monitors are complex. They cannot be picked up and moved quickly and easily. When there are restrictions on what can be carried, the product is too large or too heavy. Everything may affect itself and cause unnecessary threats.

Some gas monitors have insufficient alarm clarity. In the real alarm function, it is obvious that people need to find the problem in time. Even people who are not capable of judging real data. After receiving the alarm feedback, you can understand the situation, which is not available in this type of instrument. The limits of some gas monitors cannot be adjusted arbitrarily, and the whole is fixed and not flexible enough.

Gas monitor product features

The gas monitor can detect 4 kinds of gases at the same time. It has wireless data transmission function, light and fast, over-limit alarm, to meet our various testing needs.