What gas detector is suitable for farm

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General farms are detection of carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide these toxic gases, today to introduce the harm of these toxic gases to breeding and gas detetcor.

The harm of carbon dioxide to farming and carbon dioxide sensor:

Livestock growing in the environment with high carbon dioxide concentration for a long time will cause physical deterioration of livestock, easy to be infected with various chronic infectious diseases, and also cause chronic hypoxia, which is not conducive to breeding. Carbon dioxide concentration monitoring can choose there are many ways, such as explosion-proof gas detector, gas detector, the infrared CO2 gas module, these sensors to do monitoring carbon dioxide concentrations in a wide range, fast response suggests that help the breeding timely monitoring carbon dioxide levels and make a solution.

gas detector
gas detector
The harm of ammonia and ammonia sensor:

Ammonia is readily soluble in water. It is mainly produced by the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter such as excrement and feed. High concentration can paralyze the central nervous system and cause toxic liver disease and myocardial damage. Livestock and poultry exposed to low concentrations of ammonia for a long time have decreased resistance and increased morbidity and mortality. Ammonia concentration monitoring, there are a variety of sensors can choose fixed ammonia gas detector, NH3 sensor RS485, NH3 module, real-time monitoring feedback ammonia concentration, timely help users to make reasonable countermeasures.

Hydrogen sulfide on the harm of breeding and hydrogen sulfide sensor:

Livestock exposed to low concentration of hydrogen sulfide for a long time will become afraid of light and reduce appetite. Long-term exposure to high concentration of hydrogen sulfide will cause symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. But reasonable concentration of hydrogen sulfide, can control the incidence of farms, so monitoring is very important for the breeding of hydrogen sulfide gas, can choose different sensors, the hydrogen sulfide gas monitoring, H2S gas detector module, toxic gas H2S these sensors, hydrogen sulfide gas detector is a good choice.