Application scenarios of carbon dioxide sensors

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CO2 Gas Detector is a type of sensor specially used to detect the content of carbon dioxide in the air. Among them, the carbon dioxide sensor based on the infrared principle is the most widely used.

Infrared carbon dioxide sensors have various advantages such as good selectivity, long life, no oxygen dependence, little environmental interference, resistance to poisoning, high precision, etc., and they play an important role in petrochemical, atmospheric monitoring, medical and health, smart home, smart agriculture and other fields. effect.

Indoor air quality testing

The development of society has made everyone more and more concerned about the living environment. As a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide not only pollutes the atmospheric environment, but also affects our indoor air quality.

Although we are dealing with carbon dioxide at all times, when it exceeds a certain amount, it will increase the concentration of carbonic acid in the human blood and cause acidosis, which will affect our health.

CO2 Gas Detector can detect the content of carbon dioxide in the air. Generally, carbon dioxide sensors are integrated into air conditioners, fresh air systems, air purifiers and other household equipment to improve indoor air quality and create a good living environment.

Carbon dioxide detection in agriculture and aquaculture

Just as humans need oxygen, plants cannot grow without carbon dioxide. Plastic greenhouses are very common in modern agriculture. Carbon dioxide is often used as gas fertilizer during planting. Therefore, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse is an important factor affecting the yield of vegetables.

There are also some large farms. Livestock are in a closed or semi-closed environment, which will produce a lot of carbon dioxide. If ventilation measures are not taken in time, high concentrations of carbon dioxide can cause animal hypoxia, fatigue, anorexia, and slow growth. Therefore, a carbon dioxide sensor is also needed for monitoring. In order to activate the exhaust system in time to provide a good breeding environment for animal growth.

Industrial gas emission monitoring
 CO2 Gas Detector
CO2 Gas Detector

As the level of industrialization increases, the concentration of greenhouse gases gradually increases. Some factories produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas during the production process. The global warming caused by the greenhouse effect is also affecting our lives step by step.

The proposal of carbon neutrality also means that the world pays more attention to the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The application of carbon dioxide sensors in atmospheric environment monitoring has also received more attention.