What are combustible gas alarms and toxic gas alarms?

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The gas leak detection alarm is a preventive alarm in the area safety monitor. When the combustible gas alarm in an industrial environment detects that the concentration of combustible gas reaches the critical point of the lower or upper explosion limit. The combustible gas alarm will send out an alarm signal to remind the staff to take safety measures. And drive the exhaust, cut off and spray system. Prevent explosion, fire, and poisoning accidents, so as to ensure safe production.


Toxic gas detector is used to detect the poisonous gas (ppm) in the surrounding atmosphere. Can detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen and other gases. Toxic gas detectors are widely used in various petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical production equipment areas. Municipal administration, fire fighting, gas, telecommunications, coal, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food processing and other places where toxic and harmful gases exist.

What is a combustible gas alarm

The combustible gas alarm is composed of a combustible gas detector and a gas alarm controller. The combustible gas detector is referred to as the combustible probe for short. When the gas detector detects that the concentration of combustible gas in the environment reaches the pre-alarm value, it will link the gas alarm controller to sound an alarm. Prompt on-site personnel to evacuate and take protective measures. Combustible gas detectors generally use catalytic combustion sensors, which can detect all kinds of combustible gases. The combustible gas detects the mixture, and most of its principles use catalytic combustion.

Gas detection alarm
Gas detection alarm
Toxic gas alarm

Gas detection alarm is used to detect toxic gases in the atmosphere. The concentration is expressed in ppm (parts per million), and the oxygen is expressed in profit and loss (%VOL). Generally speaking, industrial-grade high-reliability electrochemical or infrared sensors are used. It has the characteristics of high stability and maintenance-free, reflecting the high-tech development level. Toxic gas alarms are widely used in petrochemicals, gas oil depots, metallurgical mining, ship workshops, textile printing and dyeing, water conservancy and hydropower and other industries where combustible gases exist. It is an ideal monitoring instrument to ensure property and personal safety.