Classroom air pollution monitoring

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The quality of the air environment is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The problem of air quality in classrooms has also become a concern of many parents and schools. At this stage, most schools have done a good job of opening windows for ventilation, cleaning and disinfection. However, because of the characteristics of subtle, long-term, and complex air quality control in school classrooms. How to achieve long-term monitoring of air quality, health and safety in classrooms has become a major problem. For this reason, a set of normalized system equipment is necessary to strengthen the monitoring and prevention of classroom air quality.

What is an automatic monitoring system for classroom air quality

The classroom air quality tester refers to relying on computer networks, numbers, and information technology. Able to monitor and improve the quality of air in school classrooms. And can generate data reports on a regular basis of the software and hardware combination of the overall online automatic system. A comprehensive information service platform for air quality monitoring and management. Through the control of the intelligent control system, the air detector, air purifier, etc. can be activated. Realize the intelligent management of air monitoring. Centralized collection and management of data information. A huge database is formed, which can realize big data analysis.

air quality monitoring system
air quality monitoring system
What are the contents of air quality pollutant monitoring?

Temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, etc.

What are the advantages?

The classroom air quality automatic monitoring system is a powerful assistant to actively promote the school's health and environmental protection work. In line with the strategic requirements for the development of informatization of education construction. Improve the intelligent education environment on campus to protect the health of teachers and students; promote the achievement of classroom health, safety, environmental protection, and intelligence goals. Realize the construction requirements of the integration of classroom air quality monitoring, early warning and purification, and intelligent automatic control.