The hazards and detection of methane

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What is CH4? The Chinese name of CH4 is called methane. Methane gas detector is commonly used to detect it. Exist widely in natural gas, biogas, coal mine pit gas. It is a high-quality gas fuel and an important raw material for the manufacture of synthesis gas and many chemical products. From a molecular level, methane is a more active greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. But it is less abundant in the atmosphere. It is colorless, tasteless, and extremely difficult to dissolve in water.

The hidden dangers of methane gas leakage

Although methane is non-toxic and harmless to the human body under normal conditions. However, if the concentration is too high, the overall air concentration will decrease, resulting in a feeling of suffocation due to the low oxygen content. When methane in the air reaches 25%-30%. It can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, inattention, rapid breathing and heartbeat, and ataxia. If you don't stay away in time, it can cause suffocation and death. Skin contact with liquefied methane can cause frostbite. It can be seen from these that methane monitoring is also very important in the daily chemical industry. And, the most important thing is that methane has flammable properties. Severe ones will cause explosions and other situations, which will have a great impact.

methane gas detector
methane gas detector
Portable CH4 gas detector

The portable CH4 gas detector independently developed by JXCT can effectively monitor gas and effectively monitor methane. Mixing methane with air can form an explosive mixture, which can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to high heat energy from an open flame. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the container will increase, and there will be a risk of violent opening and explosion. Where methane gas is used or stored, a methane gas alarm should be provided. Or a portable methane detector to prevent gas explosions caused by methane gas leakage. The portable methane gas detector can be used in places such as pipeline network leakage safety inspection, leakage inspection of modified parts, leakage detection of filling interfaces, and gas leakage inspection of pipeline flange ports.