Hazard and monitoring of hydrogen sulfide gas

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The h2s detector detects hydrogen sulfide gas in the air through electrochemical principles. Detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas to avoid potential safety hazards caused by leakage or excessive concentration.

The harm of hydrogen sulfide to the human body

Hydrogen sulfide is a harmful gas with irritating and suffocating properties. Inhalation can cause hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning causes damage to the central nervous system, eyes, respiratory tract, and heart.
Hydrogen sulfide poisoning is common in extracting copper, nickel, and cobalt from ore, mining and refining sulfur-containing petroleum, removing garbage, dirt, and feces. Hydrogen sulfide is mainly inhaled through the respiratory tract, which can cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, convulsions, confusion and other central nervous system. Eye irritation can cause irritation, tearing, blurred vision, and burning sensation in the eyes. When it affects the respiratory tract, there may also be runny nose, dry itchy pharynx, severe cough, difficulty breathing, and suffocation. It can also damage the heart muscle, causing palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness, or angina-like symptoms.

h2s detector
h2s detector
Monitor hydrogen sulfide with h2s gas detector

The method of measuring hydrogen sulfide is to use a portable h2s gas detector. It uses chemical sensors to sense hydrogen sulfide. The results are mostly expressed in ppm. The measurement result indicates the volume of hydrogen sulfide in the volume of the flow path flowing through the h2s detector at a certain instant. It is a dimensionless value. This kind of instrument is mainly used for operators to carry with them when they are working, and they will alarm immediately when the hydrogen sulfide exceeds the standard. Instruct the operators to evacuate the scene. It can also be used for the determination of hydrogen sulfide. But it must be fixed at a certain monitoring point. It is very suitable for sewage plants and self-provided pumping stations for daily hydrogen sulfide monitoring.