The meaning and function of air quality monitoring

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What is the meaning of air quality monitoring? Why should air quality be monitored in real time? This will be a question for some people. Many people think that using the air detector to test several times. Then you can understand the air quality of your environment. Why install long-term real-time monitoring equipment. The following reasons may be used as a reference for our choice.

Characteristics of air pollution

Air pollution has many characteristics. However, there are two related issues that require air monitoring: dynamic changes and invisibility. There are many reasons that affect indoor air pollution. For example: building interior surface materials, decoration materials, various types of furniture. Children's toys, photocopiers, printers. Use insecticides, use detergents, outdoor haze/air pollution into indoors, etc. The main parameters are also quite extensive. For example: formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, inhalable particulate matter, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., can be described as quite complicated. And because of another characteristic of air: invisibility.

So we don’t know what adjustments have been made. Or without any adjustments at all. There are pollution sources and air pollution problems that need to be solved urgently. This makes the real-time and long-term monitoring of the air prominently important. The former can provide early warning of the polluted environment. The latter can show the length of time people are exposed to the polluted environment and analyze the degree of damage that may be brought to human health.

air quality monitoring
air quality monitoring
The function and role of air quality monitoring

Air quality real-time monitoring equipment is usually equipped with an air monitoring system platform. And cooperate with mobile phones, computers and other electronic screens to release display data in real time. This combination is to achieve more functions. These functions are usually not available in air detection. For example, basic real-time warning, large-screen display, remote viewing, health index, treatment suggestions, pollution period analysis, pollution area positioning, etc. Combining these functions can realize the repeated verification of indoor air pollution causes and pollution sources and the effectiveness of air treatment methods.

The concept of wisdom

In addition, the new air quality real-time monitoring equipment and system further highlight the concept of "smart". Combined with the linkage function of fresh air and air purification, the automatic adjustment and management of the ambient air quality can be realized. Of course, the basis for the realization of this smart function still comes from the real-time monitoring data of air quality.