Portable H2S Gas Detector-Hydrogen Sulfide Meter

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NOx(NO/NO2) Sensor-Nitric Oxide Detector&Monitor

Description: Portable NOx sensors, NO/NO2 detector, are… 继续阅读NOx(NO/NO2) Sensor-Nitric Oxide Detector&Monitor

CH2O (Formaldehyde) gas module-CH2O sensor module-CH2O detector

The CH2O gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, high resolution, small size, easy to install, no secondary calibration, support secondary development.

Formaldehyde tester- CH2O gas detector-portable

Portable CH2O sensors are used in gas storage leakage monitoring, drug factory, food factory, hospital gas disinfection

Formaldehyde gas tester-CH2O gas detector-fixed

The Formaldehyde gas detector has the characteristics of flexible use and simple operation. The Formaldehyde gas detector is used

PH3 gas detector-PH3 gas monitor-fixed

PH3 gas detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: city gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, special industrial

PH3 sensor-Phosphine gas detector-portable

The PH3 gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light and portable

PH3(Phosphine) gas module-PH3 sensor module-PH3 detector

The PH3 gas sensor module is widely used in the production and installation of portable and fixed gas detectors. And various gas detection occasions and equipment.

Cl2 gas leak detector-Cl2 sensor & Analyzer-portable

The Cl2 gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light and portable;