Ammonia gas detector-NH3 sensor-fixed gas detector

Fixed gas detector, stable performance, sensitive and reliable. With high-precision liquid crystal display, explosion-proof housing

NH3 sensor-NH3(Ammonia) gas detector-portable

The NH3 gas detector can detect NH3. NH3 gas detector can realize free combination of multiple parameters, support customization

NH3(Ammonia) gas module-NH3 sensor module-NH3 detector

The NH3 gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, high resolution, small size, easy to install, no secondary calibration, support secondary development.

NH3 gas alarm controller-NH3(Ammonia) Gas alarm

The NH3 gas alarm controller is mainly used for 485 series sensors, including two specifications of digital tube display and color screen display.

4 in 1 gas detector-Multi gas detector-NH3,O3,NO2,SO2,CO2

The Multi gas detector can detect NH3,Cl2,O3,H2,HCl,HCHO,PH3,HCN,N2,NO2,SO2,CO2,NO and other gases.