How smoke sensor improves safety index

The smoke sensor is a common fire warning device. It has the function of early detection of fire signals. It can accurately sense the smoke produced by the fire in the early stage of the fire. Its working principle is that when the substance burns, it will often produce smoke first. , And then produce visible and invisible light, and there is always a process from the beginning of the burning of the material to the time when the fire gradually increases. The smoke detector will “capture” the “signal” when the material is burning, and “capture” the The “signal” is converted into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the controller of the automatic fire alarm system, which promptly warns people and informs relevant personnel to put out the fire.

Ndir sensor Introduction to Principles and Techniques

The NDIR sensor is a new and relatively simple gas sensors. In the sensor, the infrared radiation emitted by the light source passes through the measurement unit first, and there is a detection gas to be analyzed in the measurement unit. The main components of the sensor are infrared light source, measuring unit (or optical channel), infrared photodetector and optical filter.