What is a gas leak detector

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Portable gas leak tester

Gas leak detector refers to equipment used for industrial compressed air leak detection. Compressed air leakage is one of the biggest waste in the factory. Generally speaking, the compression branch pipeline extends in all directions. There are more gas points in enterprise terminals, and there are more gas leaks. One is that the sealing ring of the gas terminal equipment is easily damaged. Second, the leakage gas is colorless and tasteless. The noise generated by the leak cannot be heard in the factory environment. And it is difficult to detect the leak. The third reason is that the air valve is often opened due to poor management. And the air leaks frequently during abnormal use, and so on.

At the same time, leakage will cause the system pressure to drop. It even causes the actuator to move slowly. Shorten the life of the air compressor motor. Therefore, the compressed air system needs to be inspected regularly (at least 3 to 4 times a year) to find leaks and repair them in time.

Main feature
  1. Small size and light weight: Use light raw materials as much as possible to compress the space and weight of the instrument, so that the volume and weight of the instrument are greatly reduced, and it is convenient to transport and carry.
  2. The measurement line is long, can detect leaks about 5 meters high, and has a large moving range.
  3. High sensitivity: Optimal design is adopted in the circuit, while reducing noise and electromagnetic wave interference, so that sensitivity is improved.
  4. Wide measurement range, multi-level switching: the instrument can detect the leakage of SF6 within the range of the leakage rate of the SF6 switch device, and can select multiple levels, and provide a standard curve for each level, which can perform quantitative and qualitative leak detection .
gas leak detector
gas leak detector
  1. Before starting the machine, the operator should be familiar with the operating instructions and strictly follow the procedures for starting and shutting down the instrument.
  2. Do not place the probe gun on the ground, and do not allow dust or drop damage to the probe hole, so as not to affect the performance of the instrument.
  3. The probe and the case must not be disassembled, so as not to affect the normal operation of the instrument. Prevail.
  4. Pay attention to the maintenance of the vacuum pump, whether the heart solenoid valve operates normally and keeps the seal, because the normal operation of the vacuum pump and solenoid valve will affect the use of the instrument.
  5. When changing the oil of the vacuum pump, the instrument must not be electrified to avoid electric shock accidents.
  6. The instrument is not allowed to be placed upside down during transportation, and it is not allowed to vibrate violently.